Athletes who are rostered on an elite team will be performing at the highest levels of competition. This program includes a rigorous practice schedule and added skills training that ensures successful outcomes for everyone involved. Athletes will be held to strict guidelines and are expected to commit fully to their teammates and coaches. It is recommended that you don’t participate in winter or spring sports or extracurriculars. Parents should be prepared for a significant financial obligation that requires out-of-state travel and additional expenses not outlined in our payment plan.


All-Star Prep caters to athletes who are ready to compete against other teams but prefer less commitment as compared to our elite travel program. This is the best bridge into our elite travel program from half-year teams. The full-season prep teams will attend travel competitions. Senior team athletes who turn 19 during the season must still be 18 on May 31, 2022.


This program is the next step for athletes to bridge the gap between class training and competitive teams. Athletes learn new skills and perfect a routine that will be showcased. Fall Half Year is a non-competitive division that allows athletes to learn with a focus on technique over difficulty. Teams are scored based on how well they perform given skills, this division is scored by judges for feedback, but teams are not ranked. Spring Half year is a competitive division, this division is scored by judges and ranked against other teams in the same division. This program provides a stress-free experience and is the perfect transition for rec or school cheer athletes who want to try all-star, or any athlete new to the sport. (Age eligibility is determined by year of birth not actual age)



Our Cheer Abilities teams are made up of athletes of all ages with varying types of differences and limitations. Our goal is to provide these athletes with the true experience of All-Star cheerleading, from tumbling and stunting to the thrill of performing in front of a large crowd. We are incredibly proud of the growth and success of our program over the past several years and look forward to continuing to expand our Cheer Abilities program!


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